Aircraft Manufacturing Technician (AMT)

Programmes Offered

Status Program : ADMAL/AMT/2016
Institutes : ADMAL Aviation College
Specialisation : Manufacturing
Study Level : Certificate
Intake : –
Duration : 8 Months
Collaboration : Spirit Aerosystems

: SME Aerospace

: Upeca


The programme was designed to enhance the capabilities of youth specifically targetting those who are not pursuing a higher level education such as diploma or degree programs. In light of this, this programme was designed to provide training to these target groups of youths to fully equip them with the skills necessary in acquiring jobs with good income or starting up their own business. Programs offered at Admal Aviation College are industry driven and thus provide industries with quality workforce and fulfilling the shortages of manpower in various industries. Indirectly it is designed by the aircraft parts manufacturer to fulfil its requirement in technical personnel resources for maintaining a positive output in line with market demands.

With this programme, the entry level for the trainees is has a wider spectrum thus providing more opportunities for candidates to apply and obtain a job and start their career at a very early stage. The existence of this programme and this training organization is significant even though there are competitors but the production is still far from optimum requirement by the industry. Besides, this programme may offer more intake capability for the students which currently hampered by the existing higher learning educational provider due to limited seats available.

The courses provided to the student include varieties of subjects such as basic engineering, craftsmanship and finishing skills, assembly techniques and others. These subjects are vital in producing extraordinary students regarding this field. The hands-on practices to the students are one of the main concerns to be fulfilled as the industry required.

Those students that joining the courses will build their strong basis of knowledge and experience through practical training before joining any aircraft manufacturing plants. When they have finished their training, they will be able to work with several companies and other organizations that are related to aviation design and parts manufacturing.

  • Produce a high income Malaysian youth with a above average starting salary and provide potential for international career opportunity.
  • With the high income gained, Increase the quality of living of Malaysian youth that are not academically inclined.
  • Produce Professional Malaysian youths equipped with the technical aircraft manufacturing skills and knowledge for entrance to the aviation industry.
  • Produce Malaysians with good communication skills especially in English and have good work ethics, competency and safety awareness through the training.
  • Enhancing the skills and knowledge locally and providing aircraft manufacturing techniques and culture
  • Expose Malaysian youth to an international working environment with the opportunity to work not just locally but globally as well
2 Months : Theory and workshop practical training at ADMAL Aviation College
6 Months : On Job Training at Aircraft Manufacturing company including Assessment
and securing employment at Spirit Aerosystems
1 Year : Work with industry

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