Category B2 Avionics

Programmes Offered

Status Program : ATO/2015/03
Program Code : DCAM B2
Institutes : ADMAL Aviation College
Specialisation : Aviation Engineering
Study Level : Certificate / License
Intake : January, April, July, and October (Every Year)
Duration : 4 years
Requirements : SPM with 3 creditsin Bahasa Inggeris, Mathematics, Science/Technical Subject. Pass in Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah.
Loan Provider Code : TP-CATB1 and TP-CATB2

“A Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME or AME) is an authorized person to carry out and certify for aircraft maintenance. His function is to ensure that the aircraft is airworthy to fly, meaning that the aircraft is safe for the operation. An AME is bound to follow and guided by the international rules and regulations which is laid down by a governing body, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), through Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM), which will be known as Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) in near future. The license must remain valid in accordance with local and international aviation standards for an AME to perform the duties, carrying out maintenance on every section of the aircraft (nose-to-tail and wing -to-wing), including all the mechanical and electrical components and equipment fitted to the aircraft.”

In 2011, DCA Malaysia embarked on a new and most up to date DCAM Part 66, incorporating all the latest requirement of ICAO. Airworthiness Notice 1101 (AN 1101) introduced, which cater the licensing programme for AME.

The programme provides students with a solid foundation for a career as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The courses in the programme covers all the required knowledge as specified in the AN 1101, which divided into categories of DCAM B1.1 – Aeroplane Turbine (Mechanical) and DCAM B2 – Avionics. this AME licensing syllabus (DCAM Part 66) is equivalent to EASA Part 66 (Aircraft maintenance licensing programme in Europe).

The AMEL programme is the modular subjects (Module 1 to Module 17) comprises of theoretical class lectures, workshops practical tasks, field visiting trips and module paper examinations. Subsequently, the trainees will be sent for On-Job-Training (OJT) in the aviation industries in Malaysia, to complete the programme.

The criteria to become LAME is through passing the approved 13 module exams (for B1.1) or 12 modules (for B2) which covers 2400 learning hours (theory and practical), and a 2-year On-Job-Training. The process-flow is sanctioned by the DCA, Malaysia.

Once completed this programme, trainees will be able to be issued their Basic Licenses by DCA Malaysia, and will continue in getting type approval on various types of aircrafts. They are now License Aircraft Engineers, the back-bone people on ensuring the serviceability for the aircrafts to fly safely and legally.

Carrer Path :

  1. Mathematic
  2. Physics
  3. Electrical Fundamental
  4. Electronic Fundamentals (CATB)
  5. Digital Techniques
  6. Materials & Hardware
  7. Maintenance Practices
  8. Basic Aerodynamics
  9. Human Factors
  10. Aviation Legislation
  11. Aeroplane, Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems (CAT A, CAT B1.1)
  12. Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems (CAT B2)
  13. Propulsion (CAT B2)
  14. Gas Turbine Engine (CAT A, CAT B1.1)
  15. Propeller (CAT A, CAT B1.1)

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